2023 Red Deer Real Estate Update

Q1 Sales Comparison, Red Deer

Welcome to the world of real estate in Red Deer, where the market is always buzzing with activity!

The graphic you're looking at shows the sales volume for Red Deer's real estate market over the last few years, and it's quite interesting to see how the numbers have fluctuated.

The sales volume has been steadily increasing since 2017, which is great news for sellers as it indicates a healthy real estate market.  In fact, the sales volume in 2022 was almost double what it was in 2017, which is an impressive feat, given the challenges posed by the pandemic. This increase in sales volume could be attributed to several factors, such as low-interest rates, a growing population, and an overall healthy economy in Red Deer.

The number of unit sales in 2023 is down from 2022, but is the 4th highest in the last 10 years, and is above the 10-year average.  Above average is a positive healthy indicator of the overall real estate market.

Overall, the real estate market in Red Deer seems to be in good shape, and this graphic gives you a great overview of the sales volume trends over the years. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, this information can help you make informed decisions about the real estate market in Red Deer.

Q1Sales by Price Range, Red Deer

The sales of higher-priced homes are always lower in unit volume.  The sweet spot is the middle zone, which is a wide robust price range.

Community sales and Listings MLS® 2022 YTD

Red Deer continues to lead the way with real estate activity, due to the size of its population, and the variety of properties & property types.

WHat is significantly unique this year, is the difference in supply and demand in the smaller communities.  Typically a smaller community, such as Innisfail would have a greater disparity of listings to sale.  This year, there is a very little gap.  Which one could interpret as being th e"hotter" community.