Should I Buy Red Deer Real Estate Now & Sell Later?

Whether or not now is the right time to buy Red Deer real estate or sell your home is a personal decision based on common market factors and a whole bunch of local, and personal factors.

There is no way that I know how your credit is, income, job status, savings account etc... unless you reveal all.  I do know what the market is doing, and based on what we see I can state that if you were timing the bottom of the market, well, that ship has sailed.

2021 was a rebound and recovery year that homeowners have been hoping for, for a very long time.

Sales volume is one good indicator as to whether or not there is a change in supply & demand.  An increase in demand and overall growth in the number of homes sold is a positive sign that you should consider investing in real estate.

Red Deer real estate market 2021

So, yes, the number of homes sold has turned around dramatically, has that influenced the price at all?  Have prices gone up?  Ar they going to go up?

Red Deer MLS average sale price 2021

Yes, there was significant growth in the average price.  The average price displayed includes ALL residential property types.  Red Deer remains dominant with Houses as the preferred property type.  The price of a house in Red Deer still remains affordable.

In Summary

Red Deer real estate in 2021 finished with:

  • Average house price of $380,345.00 which was 7.7% higher than 2020
  • There was a grand total of 1,899 homes sold in 2021 compared to 1,262 in 2020
  • The inventory level also was higher with 2,957 homes listed for sale in 2021, and in 2020 there was 2,392.

If you're considering a move in 2022 or thinking now is the time to enter the real estate market, the positive dynamic supports those decisions.  If you'd like a consultation to discuss your particular situation, we offer FREE no-obligation consultations and market evaluations for anyone thinking about buying or selling.  feel free to call or text Patrick at (403) 357-9142.