Thank You

I'm very appreciative to receive the Mayor's Recognition Award.

This was for volunteering with our local Pickleball Club.  I love playing Pickleball, and being involved was just second nature.  I, like my colleagues, was just doing our part.  To be recognized at this level is... well a very pleasant surprise.  A little shocking, and overwhelming to say the least.  Thank You so much.

Mayor's Recognition

"The Mayor’s Recognition Awards recognize Red Deer individuals, groups or teams who have brought honour and recognition to Red Deer in one of five categories. Award recipients are selected by the Mayor’s Recognition Awards Committee, with the exception of the Mayor’s Special Award recipient, which is selected by the Mayor." City of Red Deer

The note on the City's website regarding our Pickleball Event... "The Pickleball Canada National Championship 2021"

Hosting a national sporting event is no small feat, but the Red Deer Pickleball Club stepped up in a big way when they hosted the Pickleball Canada National Championships in August 2021. With the newly opened 20-court facility, the Red Deer Pickleball Club welcomed hundreds of players, spectators, officials and volunteers from across the country for a successful event. Earning high praise from attendees, Pickleball Alberta and Pickleball Canada, the event was deemed an overwhelming success. With entertainment, vendors and of course lots of pickleball, there was something for everyone at this event.

  • Dennis Bowness
  • Douglas DeWitt
  • Brenda Feser (FAY-ZER)
  • Dick Feser (FAY-ZER)
  • Rick Foret  (FOR-RAY)
  • Patrick Galesloot (GAIL-SLOOT)
  • Terry Hanasyk
  • David Oxley
  • Ted Sherback
  • Joan Skiba
  • Gene Vollmin
  • Garand Jones, and
  • Tony Lam

I just love playing Pickleball and being involved.  When I was asked to help with communications, planning, and volunteering it was a no-brainer for me.  I've been a director for a few years at the club (RDPC), a volunteer referee at tournaments, a referee scheduler for tournaments, an on-court MC and match announcer, a meeting coordinator, a meeting host and many other roles.  Most of all I like to play.  I was lucky to be able to do that as well at Nationals and did pretty well.

Pickleball Medal